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Extra Thought - The Added Value
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Marketing Services

It takes extra thought and effort to deliver a clear concise message with the kind of impact your audience will respond to. This effort goes into every assignment AAI takes on.

Detailed descriptions provide information on what these services are and especially how AAI adds value to these individual services.

Our award-winning ads have earned highest honors in reader recall and response studies and, more importantly, generated record numbers of leads and increased sales for our clients.

As you may well know, marketing is the umbrella under which advertising, public relations and all the other disciplines reside. AAI, as a full service marketing communications agency, can create an integrated program that brings synergy to your marketing efforts by working with you in the various disciplines.

From award-winning advertising to high-quality collateral, direct mail and package design, our creative execution is on-target with the needs of your audience. And, it will always reflect our high standards of excellence, from concept through final print production.

Public Relations
PR is often implemented in conjunction with an advertising program as a cost-effective means of enhancing corporate image and product awareness.

Editorial space is among the most effective promotional tools available to a marketer. Because it is viewed as "editorial" versus paid advertising, it carries greater credibility. Publicity is seen as an objective endorsement of a product, and therefore carries higher value.

AAI performs the following public relations and product promotion activities:
• Press Releases
• Feature Articles
• Technical Editorial Essays
• Editor Interviews
• Media Matrices

Strategic Planning & Market Research
AAI develops integrated marketing communications programs that examine short-term goals and long-term objectives. Beginning with your brand strategy, AAI works toward creating an integrated program of mutually supportive marketing efforts that build a single image.

Strategy is addressed on two levels. First, our strategic planning allows us to put the right pieces together (advertising, pr, direct mail, collateral and other strategic initiatives) that will work for optimum synergy. Second, from an ad campaign to collateral pieces, we work with you to weave a strategic thread that ties creative on individual efforts together. The result is a strong, unified brand image enabling you to achieve your marketing goals.

Our market research involves:
• Market Surveys - executed by email invitation/web, mail, phone, or in person, or a combination of these. We provide questionnaire development, interview, data tabulation, first- and second-order analysis and comprehensive reports including methodology.

• Conducting Focus Groups - at various stages of the product marketing cycle for input on:
• Product acceptance & overall appeal
• Consumer reactions
• Key features & benefits

Media Analysis, Planning & Placement
AAI offers complete media research, planning, placement and ad tracking analysis. In addition, we advise of any value-added marketing services or relevant editorial tie-in’s that would further optimize your media dollars. We provide:
• Competitive ad spending analyses - so you know how much you’re spending vis-à-vis your competition.
• Brand awareness and preference reports - comparing preferences and perceptions between your product brand and your competition.
• Lead analysis - tracking trends in ad response and the "pulling power" of both the ad and the publication.

Business Development
From developing a list of companies to target as potential partners to helping you form partnerships and develop partner programs and communications, AAI is successful at making business partnerships work.

Direct Mail
Direct mail represents the most targeted, direct form of communication. A well-defined and identifiable audience is ideal for direct mail efforts.
We have successfully implemented many direct mail programs including design, production and printing. These campaigns bring together all the promotional strategies designed to deliver greater response.

From product sheets and brochures to corporate image pieces and newsletters, AAI excels in the design and production of collateral.
Additionally, our network of independent contractors provide the best in-studio and location photography, audio-visual production, exhibit construction and printing services. These combined skills enable AAI to deliver cost-effective marketing communications programs that are complete from conception through production.

Successful branding creates great value for a company, product or service that can create sustainable value and a continuing flow of sales. Whether you have an established brand or you’re looking to create one, AAI offers the experience it takes to maintain or introduce it.

AAI's packaging design group -- BlazingStar -- creates designs for top-tier companies and those seeking to establish a brands.

Web Development
Plenary Website Development– The Eyes Have It
It all starts with catching the eye and viewer’s attention. To achieve this and more, AAI takes a comprehensive approach to website development that encompasses an architectural foundation, intuitive human interface, branding/messaging, optimization and a touch of Flash.

Some businesses look at a website as something to whip up. A few stock images, grab some copy about products and somehow get found. There is a much bigger opportunity to leverage this technology into the ultimate sales tool.

This tool can bring in many, many leads. It can gather information on those prospects, communicate your core messaging on your products or services and company or organization. Your website can be a powerful tool to lead your visitors from cold leads to hot prospects. Done right, it can strengthen your brand, perceived value and even become a tool your audience wants to use to help themselves solve their problems that relate to your solutions!

How can your website achieve all of this? While we at AAI can develop a website based on some graphics ideas and existing copy, we can also provide much more value. Here’s how. We start with listening to your needs, looking at your market and how you want to be seen in that market. We analyze the market and others in it. Next, we work with you to develop the best architecture for how you want users to interact with your new website. We create several options for graphics based on your input and create a site based on your final agreement on appearance, architecture and the web technology or technologies best-suited to your specific needs and goals.

From human interface design experience developing display functions for jet aircraft to mastery of vital design and marketing fundamentals, AAI brings talent and experience to website development, not found elsewhere.

AAI has developed sites using virtually all available technologies from static html sites to dynamic sites that use a database incorporating php/MySQL or ASP/SQL technologies. We’ve developed sites with Flash as well as those using Java, Javascript and Perlscript and run site on Windows and Linux server platforms. For e-commerce sites, we’ve worked with shopping cart applications and developed entirely custom e-commerce sites, including the shopping cart function, from scratch.

We can incorporate and apply effective search engine ranking methods and analytics to your website.

The result is a powerful sales tool that can garner more leads and help you make marketing decisions. Contact AAI today to learn more.

Trade Show Exhibits
From design to production, we are equipped to handle every detail of the trade show exhibit.

Event Planning & Management
Boston Event Management, a division of Marketing Assistance, Inc., can handle any of your corporate special events or meeting planning. Our complete services include concept & theme development, budgeting, planning, communications, program development, travel services, equipment, meals, scheduling, guest speakers and entertainment.

Video Production
Video presentations bring your products and services to life in a dynamic medium... representing a highly-effective means to communicate and your brands.
AAI provides comprehensive video production services, including scripting, art direction, filming and production through final editing. Our video productions have been used for:
• Customer training
• Launching IPO’s to bring private companies public
• Product launches
• Corporate image pieces