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The Results, When Everything
Works Together, Drive Up the
Corners Of Your Mouth

Writing an ad is one thing, writing a series of ads with a consistent theme and graphics is a far more difficult assignment.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to integrate all the different activities that make up an effective marketing program. This integration can only occur when everyone is of the same mind. AAI will work with you to bring a unified approach to your program that’s based an agreed upon strategy, messaging and graphic standards.

Integrating Marketing, Business Development
and Advertising

The key to any successful marketing and business development program is coordinating advertising, public and financial relations, Web development, direct marketing, trade shows, community relations, and other activities in a way that builds brand equity by maintaining a consistent message across all marketing advertising, and promotional activities.

It is no longer enough for an advertising agency to be an advertising agency. AAI sees itself as a marketing and business development agency that, as part of its services, integrates creative advertising services with its client’s marketing and business development programs.

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