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Keeping An Ear to the Ground,
to Track Web Visitors

What can it do?
AAI can help you get much more from your existing website with our advanced, independent web analytics. AAI Analytics goes far beyond what other analytics software can do. By adding this capability to your site you can provide immediately actionable information to sales. You can get better insight into your marketing ROI and gain information that will help focus resources on products or services your customers and prospects want sooner. Click to Download Demo pdf

With over 20 different metrics tracked, which ones you will want to apply depends on your unique needs and goals. For example, for companies that want to know which businesses, by name, are viewing their site, AAI Analytics offers this capability. If you want to see where your visitors are live/real time, now you can. We invite you to read through the list of AAI Analytics to see how they can help you make more sales and more-informed business decisions. Contact AAI and we’ll be happy to discuss how AAI Analytics can benefit your business.

Why do it?
AAI can set up an analytics program for your website and help sort through the information to rapidly get to what is meaningful and actionable for your company. This information can help you allocate your marketing budget more effectively. It can help you make changes to your site based on how your customers are seeing your site to make their experience better. It can also be leveraged to let us better optimize your site for search engine ranking and customer communication and cohesion.

How long will it take?
Typically we can get your site analytics in place in a few days.

Going Beyond First Order Digital Media Results
For businesses, the sheer number of websites and other digital media to choose from for sales lead generation as well as their cost has outpaced many budgets. Marketers have increased spending partly because of availability of some results– a click. Other media offerings provide lead source information of click respondents.

The question is how much value do you put on the click or more complete result? At AAI we believe it is important to answer the question of where do you get the greatest ROI for your marketing dollar. We regularly collect and analyze results on client campaigns and annual programs, then report, adjust if necessary and maintain optimum results.

We also believe that focusing entirely on only putting dollars in stand-alone maximum result buckets misses an ocean of sales opportunity. By taking a look at media opportunities in both a collective sense as well as considering second-order benefits, AAI can deliver more consistent sales growth opportunities for our clients. What are these second-order benefits? They are indirect lead drivers. An effort at website A is designed to produce results at website B.

This is just one of the many successful marketing strategies AAI has developed for our clients. There are more details needed to understand and implement second-order strategies. Contact us and we’d be glad to meet and discuss the details.