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It all starts with catching the eye and viewer’s attention. To achieve this and more, AAI takes a comprehensive approach to website development that encompasses an architectural foundation, intuitive human interface, branding/messaging, optimization and a touch of Flash - we make this process easy for you.

Some businesses look at a website as something to whip up. Locate a few stock images, grab some copy about products and somehow get found. There is a much bigger opportunity to leverage this technology into the ultimate sales tool.

This tool can bring in many, many leads. It can gather information on prospects, communicate your core messaging on your products or services and company or organization. Your website can be a powerful tool to lead your visitors from cold leads to hot prospects. Done right, it can strengthen your brand, perceived value and even become a tool your audience wants to use to help themselves solve their problems that relate to your solutions!

How can your website achieve all of this? While we at AAI can develop a website based on some graphics ideas and existing copy, we can also provide much more value. Here’s how. We start with listening to your needs, looking at your market and how you want to be seen in that market. We analyze the market and others in it. Next, we work with you to develop the best architecture for how you want users to interact with your new website. We create several options for graphics based on your input and create a site based on your final agreement on appearance, architecture and the web technology or technologies best suited to your specific needs and goals.

From human interface design experience developing display functions for jet aircraft to mastery of vital design and marketing fundamentals, AAI brings talent and experience to website development, not found elsewhere.

AAI has developed sites using virtually all available technologies from static html sites to dynamic sites that use a database incorporating php/MySQL or ASP/SQL technologies. We’ve developed sites with Flash as well as those using Java, JavaScript, PerlScript and CSS. We've run sites on Windows and Linux server platforms. For e-commerce sites, we’ve worked with shopping cart applications and developed entirely custom e-commerce sites, including the shopping cart function, from scratch.

We can incorporate and apply effective search engine ranking methods and analytics to your website.

The result is a powerful sales tool that can garner more leads and help you make marketing decisions. Contact AAI today to learn more.